Plotlands Mapping Project

This is an ongoing research into the history and contemporary relevance of plotlander housing and informal space in relation to the contemporary housing context of the UK

Building on the work of Dennis Hard and Colin Ward, this project seeks to map the full existence of plotlander housing sites across the UK.

This interactive map is an ongoing resource that documents plotlander sites that have been named, identified, and located through archive research and field visits to locate surviving examples of these increasingly rare housing spaces.

The true extent of plotlander housing has never been fully defined and remains unknown. In response, this research process the project seeks help from a citizen science process to locate previously unknown examples of plotlander housing.

This interactive form provides the opportunity for people to suggest locations for plotlander housing examples that are missing from the map. These examples will be added to the map with the intention of verifying all locations through continued archival and field research.

To help in the identification of  potential plotlander housing examples an archive of photographic evidence is being compiled. Any photographs or historical documentation that can be contributed to this archive would be gratefully received.