Digitally Remapping Steers Coastal Reports

Steers Coastal Map Building on the work to create a Digital record of the plotland movement in the UK, I have been working on digitising aspects of the maps produced by J.A. Steers between 1942 to 1946.

As noted in his 1944 presentation to the Royal Geographical Society (Steers, J.A., 1944. Coastal Preservation and Planning. The Geographical Journal 104, 7. doi:10.2307/1790025),┬áSteers’ geophysical explorations of the coastline during the Second World War sought to graphically describe the ‘quality’ of the coastal scenery. These observations of scenic quality are underwritten by his observations of various elements that damage the coastal scenery including industrial areas, derelict mining areas, built up residential areas, and ‘areas of bad scattered development’.

Noted by Steers as X marks clinging to the coastline the location of these scattered developments almost directly relate to plotland sites around the coastline. By mapping these locations against the later work of Hardy and Ward we can begin to gain a wider picture of the extent of plotland sites across the UK at different points in recent history.

These new locations have all been added to the updated Plotland 2.0 map.